The RechargED Family Virtual Bash Events are designed to help parents, educators, and community members who support school-aged children and teens. Your registration will allow you access to all 3 events from the top experts from around the globe! (More info about each event is below) Although there is no requirement for viewing any of the workshops, the goal is to provide you with quick, easy information and resources that will help you support the children that you serve. A second goal is to connect you with these experts who can assist you with valuable content moving forward too, as many presenters have books, podcasts, blogs, courses and so much more. All of our on-demand virtual summits are completely FREE thanks to the support from our partnering sponsors. Unlike a typical virtual summit though, you'll have access to all of the workshops and resources for months. We're also providing all the attendees with free stuff in our Freebie Palace and discounts in our Discount Cafe, that are worth over $1000! Below you will find a further breakdown of each of the individual events that will be opening this summer. You're not going to want to miss out on this opportunity!

Virtual Summit Launch Dates Parents Virtual Bash - July 20 Educators Virtual Bash - July 28 Community Virtual Bash - August 10

Aaron Johnston

Gabriel Hannans

Phil Januszewski

Charles Williams

Laura Rizo

Ann Hlabangana-Clay

Jorge Valenzuela

Dr. Darrin Peppard

Dr. George Tilson

Dr. Jerod Phillips

Lindsay Titus

Lauren Boulden

Mike Earnshaw

Adam Stolzer

Dr. Kimberly Weber

Kathi Stephan

Laura Axtell

Ashley Hubner

Brian Martin

Jeff Nelligan

Justin Brown

"Stand Tall" Steve Bollar

Brandon Beck

LeDerick Horne

Jason Paurus & Kevin Jost "2Principals"

Megan Diede & Kara Rigsby "IntegratED"

AJ Crabill

Alfonso Mendoza

Dan Rigby

Presentation Code P - Parents Bash E - Educators Bash C - Community Bash *This presenter has multiple workshops

Positive Parenting That Sets Boundaries (P)

Social Emotional Learning Made Simple : Empower Young People (E, P, C)

Building Self Belief In Young People (E, P, C)

Using Your Talent To Make A Positive Impact (E, P, C)

Student Centered Teaching & Leading (E)

Engage Your Students Through Project Based Learning (E)

Differentiated Instruction For Your Classroom (E)

Leaning Into School Leadership (E)

Alternative Pathways For Young People To Achieve Success (E, P, C)

Building A Positive Culture & Climate (E, P, C)

How To Build Student Confidence (E)

Understanding "Hidden" Disabilities Like Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc... (E, P, C)

How To Improve School Culture & Build Leaders (E)

Alternative Pathways For Young People To Achieve Success (E, P, C)

Tools To Help Our Children Navigate the Digital World In A Safe Way (P)

Countering Traumatic Experiences (E, P, C)

Unlocking The Potential of Young People (E, P, C)

Creating Engaging Integrated Learning Experiences (E)

Creating A Positive Culture and Positive Relationships (E, C)

Kyle Hill

*Creating A Student Mentor Program To Improve Behaviors (E)

*How Do You Know What IEP or 504 Accommodations Are Right For Your Child? (P)

*How To Build Confidence In Kids (E, P, C)

Understanding The Roles Of The School Board (E, P, C)

Helping Young People Develop A Stronger Mindset (E, P, C)

*Building Fluent Readers Through Repeated Readings (E, P)

*How Parents Can Help Their Child With Reading (P)

Dr. Amy Matthews-Perez

*Accommodations vs Modifications (E)

*How To Be A Part Of The IEP or 504 Team (P)

*No More Deficit Mindset When Working With Youth (C)

Understanding How To Motivate Your Players (C)

Supporting Behaviors Through Enforcing The Good (E)

Celebrating All Individuals: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (E, P, C)

Understanding If A Young Person Is A Good Fit For The Military (E, P, C)

Organizational Hacks To Make Your Life Easier (E, P, C)

*Design Thinking With ELLs (E)

*Transdisciplinary Learning and Tech To Engage All Learners (E)

Take Care Of Yourself Educators! (E)

What To Ask When An English Learner Joins Your Classroom (E)

Andrea Bitner

Our Presenters Have Been Featured Here & Beyond

Alternative Pathways For Young People To Achieve Success (E, P, C)

Haley Shiber

Kip Shubert

Understanding Strategies To Help Individuals With Dyslexia (E, P, C)

Kirk Martin

Helping Kids & Teens Through The Challenges of School Work and Behaviors (E, P)

The 3 Virtual Bash Events

The Community Virtual Bash workshops are provided by some of the top leaders in the industry. The presenters will share strategies and tools that will help coaches, youth organization leaders, mentors, youth employers, or anyone who works with young people out in the community. The goal of this event is to assist community members so that they can go on to make a positive impact on young people.

The Parents Virtual Bash will showcase experts from the parenting and education space who will share strategies and tools that will help parents support their children through the challenges of school and beyond. It's not easy being a parent, and the presenters for these workshops want to help caregivers by providing valuable information and resources.

The Educators Virtual Bash has some of the greatest educational leaders from across the world presenting. These workshops will cover all of the main topics in education from the experts who can help teachers, paraeducators, and principals create a positive impact on the young people that they serve.

Opening In July

Opening In July

Opening In August

Our Workshops and Resources Have Been Endorsed By These Child, Teen, Student, and Educator Centered Partners